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Etymology 2 [modify] From Etymology 1 (sense 2 above) (plural) (logic,) Alternative type of See also [modify] Etymology 3 [edit] Borrowed from ("yellow"), from, from ("gold"). Doublet of. (countable and uncountable, plural) () The gold or yellow cast on a coat of arms. 1909, Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, A Complete Guide to Heraldry The metals are gold and silver, these being termed "or" and "argent".

or: (gold or yellow cast):, (chemical sign for gold) Adjective [edit] (not equivalent) () Of gold or yellow cast on a coat of arms. Etymology 4 [edit] Late, from. Compare. () Early (on). () Earlier, previously. Preposition [modify] (now archaic or dialect) Prior to; ere. Check Here For More by "ever" or "ere".

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Then will the dust returne to the earth as it was: and the spirit will returne vnto God who gaue it. 1834, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" I sought to paradise, and attempted to hope; However or ever a prayer had gusht, A wicked whisper came, and made My heart as dry as dust.

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Compare Daco-,. (past participle) I hope. Synonyms [modify] Related terms [modify] Alternative kinds [modify] Etymology [modify] 1103; variation of, from. Mainly replaced by. Pronunciation [edit] anim Declension [modify] Synonyms [edit] Additional reading [modify] "or" in Euskaltzaindiaren Hiztegia, "or" in Orotariko Euskal Hiztegia, euskaltzaindia. eus Catalan [edit] Alternative types [edit] Etymology [modify] From, from, from ("glow"), from ("to dawn, lighten, end up being red").

m (plural) () (yellow in heraldry) Haitian Creole: Etymology 2 [modify] From, from, modification of ("(in) this hour", ablative). Compare,. () now, presently Combination [edit] yet, nevertheless, now Additional reading [modify] Etymology [modify] Borrowing from, and. Pronunciation [modify] Combination [modify] now, but (in argument) Use keeps in mind [edit] Or reveals not only a series of 2 propositions, but causes a brand-new argument, an additional property, description, intention.

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